Greetings from Toyo University

Developing Knowledge Through Practice:
Toyo University Business Japanese Education

Vice President for International Affairs / Director, Center for Global Education and Exchange
Toshiya ARAMAKI (Professor, Faculty of Global and Regional Studies)

Our university was selected for the "Job hunting Promotion Program for Foreign Students" (Academic Years 2017-2021), where we endeavored to promote the employment of international students in Japanese companies. Based on this experience, we recognized the importance of strengthening the Japanese language abilities of international students, particularly in business Japanese, and providing opportunities to learn about Japanese corporate culture. We opened the "Business Japanese Special Course" (a total of 20 to 14 courses, utilizing highly flexible online classes) during the summer and spring breaks, attracting over 20,000 participants from around the world each time, indicating the high demand for business Japanese and the success of our educational efforts.
In 2022, we were also selected for the "Inter-University Exchange Project" (Academic Years 2022-2026), and we are vigorously promoting business Japanese education and aiming to cultivate multicultural global talents with intercultural competencies who can play an active role in the international community.
Additionally, our project was selected for the "I-Turn Employment Promotion Program for International Students" by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology in December 2023. The commission period is up to three years (Academic Years 2023-2025). We will provide program support to improve international students' "employability" (business Japanese proficiency + understanding of Japanese companies) by utilizing business Japanese teaching materials and curriculum developed by our university.

About Japanese Language Education at Toyo University

In a global society, it is necessary for each individual to value their own identity while overcoming differences in language, culture, and values to build relationships with others. Therefore, in Japanese language education conducted at universities, it is necessary to operate educational programs with this in mind. In this program, we aim to cultivate Japanese talent on a global scale with three main focuses: (1) "Basic Japanese" for promoting life and mutual exchange using Japanese (2) "Academic Japanese" for conducting academic activities with a broad perspective (3) "Business Japanese" for collaborating across nationalities and attributes to address challenges In each course, you will not only deepen your theoretical knowledge of Japanese but also acquire practical application skills through guidance from experts in each field.

【Toyo University Japanese Language Course and Level Correlation Chart】

Toyo University offers a variety of Japanese language courses tailored to learners' Japanese proficiency and learning style (live streaming or full on-demand video courses). We recommend choosing the course that best suits you and taking them in a progressive order.
Program Details

*In addition to JLPT preparation, the Japanese STEP UP courses also offer conversation and grammar courses.
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Greetings from Professor

Toyo University Center for Global Education and Exchange
Ryuta USHIKUBO (Associate Professor)

At Toyo University, we have been providing Japanese language education to students from various countries while accepting international students from around the world. Among the international students, there are graduate students who need to write their thesis in Japanese, undergraduate students who hope to work in Japan, and exchange students who want to learn Japanese for daily life and communication. The motivation for learning Japanese varies from person to person. In this course, we provide high-quality learning courses that take advantage of the results and know-how of our university's Japanese language education for various international students, considering the characteristics of online teaching.

Participants in each course come from various backgrounds around the world. Through TOYO's Japanese language education program, not only can you improve your Japanese language skills, but you can also expand your horizons and possibilities by enjoying exchanges with your classmates. We look forward to your participation.

Voice from Past Participants

I learned a lot. I was taught about Japanese culture, attitudes in team work, differences in thinking between management and supervisors, and when to report and communicate. Teachers pointed out things I hadn't noticed about myself. (Singapore)
I have always had a difficult image of business Japanese, but I am glad that I took the course and realized that I can do business Japanese and that the language I often use in my daily life is business Japanese. (China)
I had thought that the BJT was just a test to measure language skills, but today's lecture made me realize that this is not the case. Not only language skills, but also knowledge of Japanese culture and society are essential. (India)