2023 Summer Business Japanese Advanced Course

【NEW】To acquire a higher level of business Japanese language proficiency.

【Application period,Thuseday, August 1, 2023 -,Monday , August 28, 2023 (JST) 】We offer an Advanced Business Japanese course intending to acquire a higher level of business Japanese language proficiency. Each lecture is designed for those who have Japanese proficiency of N1 (JLPT) or J2 (BJT) or higher and focuses on each specific area of language proficiency (writing, vocabulary and expressions, BJT J1, and J1+ exercises). The lecture will be conducted in a way that ensures interactive interaction between the lecturer and participants.

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If you want to study Japanese, the TOYO Japanese Language Program is just for you


We utilize Toyo University's Japanese language education resources to provide reliable and high-quality educational programs.


You can receive direct guidance from experts in each field, including faculty members at Toyo University.


As the lectures are conducted online (live streaming), you can attend from anywhere in the world.

In the global society, it is necessary to value the individual identities of each person while overcoming differences in language, culture, and values, and build relationships with eachother. There is a need to develop Japanese human resources who can accomplish this with Japanese language at the base.
This program includes (1) "Basic Japanese" to promote exchanges using Japanese, (2) "Academic Japanese" to carry out academic activities from a broad perspective, and (3) "Business Japanese" to support cooperation and problem-solving that goes beyond nationality and attributes. We aim to develop Japanese human resources on a global scale. In each lecture, you will not only deepen your theoretical knowledge, but you will also acquire practical application skills through lectures directly from experts in each field. Deepen your understanding of the Japanese language and Japan with the TOYO Japanese Language Program and spread your wings around the world.