2024 Spring BJT Business Japanese Proficiency Test Preparation Course
  • Business Japanese Proficiency Test
PointPreparation for the goal of passing the BJT Business Japanese Proficiency Test
2024 Spring BJT Business Japanese Proficiency Test Preparation Course

When conducting job hunting activities in Japan, proficiency in Business Japanese is required. In this course, we aim to pass the BJT Japanese Language Proficiency Test at the J2 level. Through problem-solving exercises, participants will acquire the socio-cultural knowledge necessary for working in Japanese society and enhance their comprehensive business Japanese language skills. The classes will use original mock questions from Toyo University, familiarizing participants with the format of questions similar to the BJT Japanese Language Proficiency Test. Explanation will be provided to help participants understand the points and lead them to the correct answers independently.





March 20, 2024 (Wednesday) , 01:00 PM (JST) 〜 March 22, 2024 (Friday) , 04:20 PM (JST)
International students or foreign employees with Japanese language proficiency equivalent to N2 (lecture will be given in Japanese)
*Non-Toyo University students are also welcome to attend.
*Participation from overseas country regions is also welcome.
1,000 participants per lecture (first-come-first-served basis)
Application period
February 19, 2024 (Monday) , 12:00 AM (JST) ~ March 17, 2024 (Sunday) , 11:59 PM (JST)
  • Lectures will be conducted entirely in Japanese.
  • You can freely choose to participate in only one lecture or multiple lectures.
  • Those who respond to a questionnaire after the lecture will be able to view the materials used in the course and download a certificate of participation.
  • Participants who are unable to attend the class on the day can view the class videos.
  • Those who have participated in the course for at least 72 minutes (80% of the lecture time) can download the Toyo University Certificate of Completion.

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